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Ebooks, Alarms, and In-home & Skype teaching programs to end bed wetting


end bed wetting at age 3, 4, 5The Toddlers Bed Wetting Ebook by  DryKids Coach

Get started right, at age 3 to 6. Best practices as developed in hospital clinics and enuresis consultants help you to a happy, quick resolution to

toddlers bed wetting. Get it for your reader, computer or in Word to print.  $3.95



4 Steps to Dry Every Night:  Ebook by  DryKids Coach

The DryKids Method: how to use a bed wetting alarm + motivation + bladder exercises + problem foods…   this book explains the methods that ‘enuresis consultants’ have used to help thousands of children. If you already have an alarm, you need this ebook and accompanying video lessons (access to Clients Resources) to see how to use all of the other remedies simultaneously.  $9.95


Skype coachingOnline Coaching with Coach Peter by phone, Skype, podcast anywhere in the world:

For a bit more than the cost of a ‘bed wetting alarm’ you can get the right alarm for your situation, learn how to use it properly, and get ongoing personal coaching in all of the other remedies as well.  To ensure success you need several remedies simultaneously, to lighten sleep and change habits. Our program includes an alarm, as well as video lessons and Skype help to guide you through the process. We’ll show you how to teach and motivate your child, for a quick and happy solution to bed wetting woes. No more diapers, no more restricting water from the very first day. We teach and train parents all over the world by Skype, Podcast, email andphone. “Worth ten times the price”, said one Mom in Wisconsin.

A family in Boston says..  “We tried the others, spent $2800 without success. We went to a urologist, and the well-known Boston Hospital program too.. but finally with your program, we are getting results for a fraction of the price.”  A dad in Germany says,  “Thank you for your kind support and detailed explanation on what we need to do. I am convinced that we finally found the right approach and solution to helping our 16-year-old daughter.”   $250

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Current clients are in Australia, Maine, B.C. and most recently, a new client in mainland China !

Home Visit: Coaching in Ontario, Canada

In-Home Teaching In Ontario, Canada, compares well to the competition ($2800.US)  for a fraction of the price.The guaranteed way to dry, a personal coaching program with Coach Peter begins with a no-obligation 30-minute consult by phone, then a 90-minute training session in your home, and follow-up by many phone sessions. We lead you through the 4 Steps and solve problems to give you a fast, fun and easy bed wetting solution. We don’t accept every case, some phone consults will suggest a visit to your doctor or an even easier solution. Contact Us to arrange a free phone consult.. includes all of the above as well – ebooks, videos, alarms…


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