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Nice Things Our Clients Say….

Becky in Ontario..  Boy 11 yrs, started Feb. 25.  One accident in March, none in April:

Hi Peter!
Thank you for your follow up. ==== is doing great! He’s been dry for over 25 nights!! He is so proud of his progress and we are thankful for your program. We have started to slowly phase out the buzzer and that has really gotten him excited.
As a side effect of waking up dry, he seems to be more cheerful and generally more happy.
Thank you again for supporting him and our family as we walked this journey………….     Becky


John in Australia, girl age 6, after three weeks:

Hi Peter

No BB’s but quite a lot of dry nights in fact in the last fortnight more dry than wet and the wet ones are only a small amount.  She’s starting to string some dry night together also, the most in a row has been 4.

So overall some great progress.

Kind regards


Lisa in Boston, re boy age 16:

Hi Peter,

Hope all is well with you.   Just wanted to update you with our progress.
==== remains dry every night.  This past week, we were away visiting colleges.
He still stayed dry, but we are planning on going back to water gulping and following the night time practice before bed for the next two weeks.  Once we get through that, we will be close to 2 month’s dry if everything goes well.
Let me know if that sounds like a good plan.

Clients calling in with testimonials:

Listen to Tova in Toronto…

My son was never dry…


Listen In:  first Jacob age 9, then his Mom
and then a Foster  Dad of 6 kids:  “Peter is an angel..   we’re saving so much on detergent…”


Thank you sooo much….

He’s been dry, dry dry!!! (age 8) Overnight camp went great and he is very aware about hydrating.

Thanks again for your help. We will be working with Jenny (age 6) over our Cape Cod vacation in a week.

Thanks again for your help.



“We continue to do well here with dry nights for both (twin) boys every night .  It’s still hard to believe what we accomplished in 6 short weeks after roughly 6  years of waiting for something to kick in.  I don’t want to jinx it and think we’re forever in the clear but I did want to pause and say thank you.  We saw our pediatrician just before we met with you and he had not heard of your program.  He asked me to let him know how it went and I just left him a lengthy message detailing our success.  I still think the best endorsement was when Matthew declared “I am going to use Coach Peter for my kids.”  May you live a long and healthy life!  “Thanks again!”
…. Alison, Oakville


Hi!Little boy need a pee

Just a quick note to let you know how well Liam has been doing since you spoke to him last.
Literally, from that day you had a chat with him until now he’s been dry every night. 
It’s been amazing actually. We’ve been over 3 weeks dry now!!  YAY!!

Can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance to get to this point.


Rewards that Work



You came to our house back in September .. I just want to tell you Sara did get with your advice, it took her 4 weeks.
I would like to see the video you showed her again and pass it to my sister in
Colombia, I can’t remember the name. I really appreciate what you do. Thank you.




Listen In:  Lara’s story

Lara in B.C. needed only a free phone call to learn how to fix her daughter’s bed wetting problem…




HI !

Just a quick note to let you know Luke is doing very very well. He’s staying dry the majority of nights now,
which is amazing, with only the occasional accident (maybe once every 2 weeks, if that).

We want to thank you so much for your support throughout this process. Luke feels so much better about himself and
is looking forward to many sleepovers to come.

Your kindness and empathy towards children who are facing this embarassing problem is truly wonderful – you have a gift.

Thanks again, and we’ll keep in touch,

Mark and Shari


bus boy


“This was the best Christmas present ever!” ..Daniel age 8

“It’s amazing how much you can do to help kids”..  Amy


happy boy


Her child was waking up angry every morning, frustrated with bed wetting. Listen In:


I cannot thank you enough.

Our 6 year old son has been dry for over 50 nights now-he still wants to keep counting because
he loves the chart! While it took some time to get there, about 3 months, it was totally worth it.

His self esteem has been blown sky high.

In our situation, I believe that his sleep cycle was the majority of his issue. Once his sleep cycle changed,
the dry nights followed. He is so proud of himself and looking forward to sleep overs!

Thanks again,


The best money we ever spent!

Thank you so much!


Hi ,

Matt is doing great! He’s been dry for the last week. Thank you so much for all of your help,
encouragement and knowledge. You are truly doing wonderful work and we are forever grateful.

Matt is so excited about overnight camp without the anxiety!

Thanks again and we’ll keep you posted.


Lisa and Billy



We took T….  to his MD and talked about possible constipation since you said it is an issue for 80% of bedwetters.  She felt very sure that was not an issue with Tristan after asking him some questions but she sent him for an ultrasound to check his bladder.

In doing so she discovered that his bowels have a lot of stool in them and is recommending he…..

(Dr. Steve Hodges found that 25 of 30 bed wetters referred to him had serious constipation indicated on X-rays; the parents and referring physician had indicated that wasn’t an issue)



I am so glad I stumbled upon your website. We started right away yesterday and my son woke up to go pee three times in the night by himself and woke up dry! I know it is early days, but this is the most success he has ever had right off the bat (he usually wakes up wet every day – even though he’s in pull-ups, even after we wake him up part-way through the night to go pee, and some of those nights he has had a change of pull-up too). He is almost 11 years old, so this is devastating for him and we have tried all sorts of things but the big key was that we were restricting water until now. You are the first person I have ever seen that has suggested drinking more water, and after reading your e-book it makes total sense to me.

Anyway, so far so good……

Joy, Toronto


” Happy Easter Peter – just wanted to provide an update. We have had 18 dry nights straight. Hoping to get to 30. At this point A…..

is still doing her nightly routine……”


“You were very generous several months ago with free advice on the phone and encouragement about our intuition to “normalize” the situation. I am happy to report near flawless dry mornings since we spoke. Currently I can’t even remember when the last wet morning was. This includes a recent hotel trip to Ottawa. Reilly is very proud. He goes to bed confident of success and without any worry of “disappointing” us should a different outcome occur. Sir, you have my sincere gratitude for your caring, expert guidance, and generosity in this chapter of our family’s journey.”     …. David, in Calgary


“Hello : Cole has amazed us! He’s been dry this whole time and has insisted that he is finished with the program. …

there’s no problem. He’s very happy and proud!”


“Can we still contact you at any time if necessary? You have become such an important part of our life that we feel we can’t

let go of knowing you’re there for Ryan and us….”


“I haven’t written because I didn’t want to jinx this but jordana has not peed in truthfully I don’t know how long?!

It’s been amazing. She is getting more confident and we didn’t take the alarm w us on our spring break. She is so proud

as are we really proud of her too..”


“Ruby has been dry for 9 nights in a row and is feeling very confident and happy. She’s sleeping better at night and

as a result is better rested and in a better mood during the day…”