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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work? We are not in Toronto.

Coach:  In Toronto, London & Niagara Falls areas.. we visit the family to teach and motivate, then follow up by phone and video lessons for the month or two it takes to get to dry at night. In other areas we teach by Skype and webinars. Currently we have clients in BC and Nova Scotia, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Arizona, Columbia. ..

We’ve tried a bed wetting alarm before, and it didn’t wake our daughter up at all. How is this different?

Bed wetting alarms are an important part of any bed wetting program, but they don’t work in most cases because they are a bad design or have inadequate instructions. This is how they should be used: How to choose and Use a bed wetting alarm.

How does your coaching work?

Coach Peter:   I visit your home for about 90 minutes, to determine the causes and begin training in the initial remedies. After that you would have access to our training and motivation videos and resource links. Then I call every day for a week or two, and once or twice a week to guide the parents through the 4 Steps to Dry.

Are you a doctor?

No, this isn’t a medical problem, and doctors are the first to admit that there’s not much they can do to fix it with medication or surgery. I learned this originally from the ‘grandaddy’ of enuresis consultants who himself learned the techniques from the Gray Nuns boarding school method way back in the 1960’s. Then I went on to take the courses that pediatric nurses learn at Chicago Memorial Children’s Hospital. It isn’t rocket science, it’s just a series of parenting techniques to teach a child to sleep more comfortably, to calm a nervous bladder, and get over that worst misconception of all: restricting water.

Can we do this on our own?

Yes, with one of the methods outlined below. But if you’ve already tried and failed, you might want help to overcome your child’s lack of confidence in the solution. My coaching comes with a money-back guarantee, and it pays for itself in a few months. The important part of my job is to fix the causes one by one, and motivate the child and the parents to progress from step to step. You know how a teacher can help (do kids ever listen to parents?). I had one Mom who taught guitar and she had to hire another guitar teacher for her kids! So many times I’ve called a parent who got off track, or a child who wanted to give up because he didn’t understand the process; the most effective part of the DryKids method is communication and support.

What is the cost?  What if we are not in your area?

  • At-home or online, with supplies + personal training + frequent follow-up:  $499
  • In-home coaching is the best route. Clients say, “worth ten times the price!”
  • Coaching by long distance is effective with phone + email + shared screens or Skpe

Do we still use pull-ups?

No. You would never need pull-ups again from the very first night, and the sheets won’t get wet.

What ages do you work with?

Most of the kids I see are in the age 7 to 11 range, with occasional teenagers and adults. The oldest was a 35-year-old nurse who wet the bed; the quickest to dry was a 22-year-old who got dry for good the night I talked to her. Children under age 6 don’t need my help, but they do need my ebook to end it quickly and easily.

How soon can we start?

You can get started the same day you contact us, with the first video lesson which involves some small changes in diet and bed time routine for the first week’s routine. Then we will set the time for the first training session. I’ll ask a lot of questions to eliminate medical issues, may refer you back to your doctor, or suggest a simpler remedy if it’s best for your child.

Why don’t you help children under age 6?

Before the age of understanding and motivation, children are best helped with simpler remedies that you’ll find in our ebook. Download it here for readers, computers, or printout.




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