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How to Choose and Use a Bed Wetting Alarm

Before you purchase any bed wetting alarm, you need to know:

In most cases a bed wetting alarm doesn’t work to end the bed wetting is because the bed wetting child is  “deep sleeper”. The alarm is meant to fix this, so this doesn’t seem to make sense, does it?

  • 90% of the alarms available are badly designed. They are bulky, unreliable, and don’t react to a few drops of moisture. The key to success is to choose and use it wisely.
  • Bed wetting happens when a child has several problems that contribute to deep sleep. Even if the alarm worked for you, it will not change the underlying problems.

3 Ways to use a bed wetting alarm for good results:

Materials included

DryKids Kit


Purchase the DryKids Modo bed wetting alarm, the one we use for our personal clients but so much more than an alarm, this is a complete program with video lessons and online resources (the ONLY alarm at any price that has proper support and instruction:  Modo Alarm   with video lessons  $89 Cdn



Online DryKids consulting:  materials mailed, plus web and phone training for two months: clients from Maine to B.C., Abu Dhabi to New Zealand are currently working with Coach Peter by Skype and email : $249


In Ontario: personal in-home training by  DryKids coach Peter, with a money-back guarantee:   $499  Contact Us

How drybed training works by treating the causes of bed wetting:

  1. Use an elimination diet to sleep with a calm tummy and bladder;
  2. Use visualization and positive practice to create awareness to arousal;
  3. Modify bed time habits to ensure for restful sleep;
  4. Use the alarm to wake parents;
  5. Parents intervene to alter sleep patterns at appropriate times;
  6. New sleep patterns allow arousal to the alarm;
  7. Motivate & reward to wake to bladder pressure before the alarm sounds;
  8. And finally, teach how to trigger vasopressin, the night-mode hormone.

(Sounds complicated? Hire me and I’ll make it fast, fun, and easy.)

Bed wetting is a ‘multi-causal’ issue that calls for a ‘multi-modal’ remedy. Changes to sleep habits, diets, hydration and motivation are essential to allow the alarm to work effectively. On its own the bed wetting alarm has a success rate of about 30% and takes up to six months to get to dry. With a good training program, success rate is 90% and time to dry averages eight weeks.

You could do all this on your own, but any misunderstanding or frustration can make things worse than ever. Each failed attampt at helping a child to sleep dry, can make it harder to get his/her co-operation next time.

Bed Wetting Alarms and Coaching,   in-home and long distance

Expert coaching is the guaranteed, money-back solution but if you don’t live in Ontario, or need a more affordable method than our in-home Coaching? We can help by ‘phone and web virtually anywhere in the world. A recent Skype training session with a family in Australia gave me insight into the issues, and I was able to teach and motivate by determining the causes. Going forward, email help will narrow down the issues and remedies to have their little girl completely dry in two months or so.

$199 Bed wetting program

2 bed wetting alarms plus weekly phone assistance

  • Initial 90-minute assessment interview to determine the causes
  • Materials included:  no-pullups solution, charts, manuals
  • Two bed wetting alarms, for different stages of treatment
  • 50-page Manual and motivation Charts
  • Online Video Instruction
  • Coaching by phone until the problem is entirely resolved!

In this process the child will actually be learning to trigger Vasopressin, the night-mode hormone that slows down your kidneys. I will personally lead you through these steps fairly quickly  in most cases. There are different methods including hydration, bladder toning,  and  guided imagery at bed time, that must change to go from one step to the  next. Most children can learn in three to eight weeks to ‘hold it all  night’ and never go back to wetting again.

In Ontario:

In-home Training is available in Toronto, Kitchener, and London Ontario within a week or two of contacting us. Cost is $499 payable by credit card or cheques at the time of  the home visit.

Contact us to talk about which method is appropriate for your child, in rare cases I will suggest a medical doctor or psychologist. That said, if the child is healthy and wants to be dry, I can offer a money back guarantee that DryKids training will work.      ….   Leave a message at 289-813-1613 or on the Contact Page

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