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About Us: Sleep Training to End Bed Wetting

The bed wetting solutions that really work have been well proven in hospitals, and by enuresis consultants, for several decades. Our ‘drykids method’ combines the best of the Try for Dry program of Chicago Memorial, with the best of the practical methods used by U.S. consulting companies to help thousands of children.

If your child is dry during the day but wet at night, there’s almost no chance that he/she has a medical problem.  The ‘cure’ consists of a series of remedies that alter the habits and behaviours that cause and prolong it.

DryKids therapy is a practical program that first rules out medical issues, then assesses the causes and teaches bed wetting solutions to fix the causes of the bed wetting. With new skills the parents and child learn how to change sleep patterns and “hold it” all night. Following up with very frequent conversations, we lead parents step by step over several weeks until the child is completely dry at night. The “4 Step” process takes an average of eight weeks:

4 steps to end bed wetting

When a child or adult wets at night either the bladder isn’t sending a good signal, or the sleep is so deep for so long that there is no recognition of the signal. Our bed wetting treatment concentrates on both with bladder toning and sleep training:

  1. Establishing the arousal: learning to wake up when starting to wet
  2. Learning to  wake before the wetting starts.
  3. Learning how to make the ‘hold it’€ decision when waking up during the night
  4. Learning to make that decision without waking, as

A bed wetting coach will lead parents through these steps fairly quickly  in most cases. There are different methods including hydration, bladder toning,  and  guided imagery at bed time, to take the child from one step to the  next. Most children can learn in three to eight weeks to ‘hold it all  night’ and never go back to wetting again. 


First step in the DryKids bed wetting treatment:  a 90-minute session to assess the causes, and teach remedies.

Bed wetting solutions

Try For Dry Program

Follow-up by phone and email every few days, to monitor the progress and lead the parents through the 4 Steps to Dry. Average time to dry is 8 weeks; it really works, or your money back!

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