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Behavioural Modification is the bed wetting solution that really works:

Toronto coach teaches 4 Steps to Dry: from sleeping wet, to lighter sleep, to waking, and finally sleeping dry through the night

To overcome bed wetting for good, simply discover the causes and reverse them. The DryKids 4-Step program is a fast, easy and fun way to address all of the common causes of bed wetting:  deep sleep, food sensitivities, small bladder, nervous bladder, misunderstandings and motivation.

The remedies that really work have been in use at hospital clinics, and by behavioural therapists, for over forty years. Our DryKids lessons use the best of their bed wetting solutions, with simple parenting techniques that you need to end it quickly and happily. The program consists of a home training visit, (or Skype visit if you aren’t nearby) with a package of supplies, followed by phone coaching. Over a period of several weeks we lead the parents and child through the 4 steps to dry. It really works, see our testimonials.

Family, friends, even doctors offer the same unhelpful bed wetting solutions…. “restrict water”, “there’s a drug for that”, “wake him up”.. and you know these don’t work.

Bad advice can actually make it worse for children who have complicated enuresis, which is bed wetting with several underlying causes like deep sleep, food sensitivities, and poor sleeping or hydration habits.

DryKids bed wetting solution is a ‘toolbox’ of behavioral remedies:

When a child wets at night, either the bladder isn’t sending a strong signal, or the sleep is too deep to feel the signal. Our program guides you day by day through remedies to fix the underlying causes of the bed wetting in your particular case. In most cases it is a deep sleep problem, exacerbated by two or three contributing causes.

It isn’t his fault!

Most children learn to be dry naturally at age three or four years, but one of five children miss this chance due to complications. A bed wetting coach can lead parents through the methods appropriate to a particular case, including hydration, bladder toning,  and  guided imagery at bed time, these methods change to go from one step to the  next. Most children can learn in three to eight weeks to ‘hold it all  night’ and never go back to wetting again.

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“I’m a guitar teacher, but I had to hire a guitar teacher for my kids!!”

Basically, a child has to go to bed ‘comfortable in mind, comfortable in body’ at age three and four in order to learn to trigger the night-mode hormone. Sleep can be complicated by headaches, earaches, infections, reactions to food colouring or milk, anxiety about a new school, divorce, a grandparent passing, the birth of a new sibling… then the deep sleep becomes a habit.  To fix it we teach bed time routines that lighten sleep, tone the bladder for a stronger signal, and motivate the child to wake up and eventually hold it all night. 

We don’t suggest coaching for kids under six, but call for simple age 3-6 bed wetting solutions

We are always ready to help a child with a little advice

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“The answer to bed wetting woes in Southern Ontario is DryKids….”
Chatelaine’s “SweetMama” May 2012

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Article Sept. 1, 2016

“When your kid wakes up with wet sheets, it can leave him feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, and leave you sleepless, stressed and buried in laundry. Many parents try restricting water or waking their kids during the night, but the problem only persists and the whole family becomes more sleep-deprived. We called in the experts to teach us their simple but not-so-obvious strategies to eliminate bed wetting….    Read More..


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