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Enuresis (bed wetting) coaching by DryKids Ontario

Bed wetting solutions taught to therapists by hospitals in Chicago and Boston are very effective; their “behavioral modification” method is available in Ontario with DryKids training. No drugs, no pull-ups, average 6 weeks to dry with a 95% success rate.


Bed wetting can take a toll on a child’s self esteem, the quality of their sleep and even their performance in school.  British National Health surveys suggest that bed wetting is “childhood’s second worst trauma,” yet it’s easy to fix by changing the habits that caused it. With DryKids coaching a child can be dry day and night, in just a few weeks.
Myths and mistakes about enuresis

You’ve heard these from friends, family, even Dr. Oz..   “restrict water”, “wake him up”, or “she will outgrow it”, “there’s a drug for that”, and you probably found that these things don’t work at all. With DryKids training even daytime wetting and soiling can be fixed with natural methods developed by these experts:

enuresis experts in USA Canada

Our DryKids training combines the medically-oriented program of Chicago Memorial – elimination diets, hydration and bladder toning –  along with guided imagery and motivation taught by sleep consultants. This eliminates the causes, then re-establishes more healthy sleep.(It really works, see our testimonials.)

Basically, a child has to go to bed ‘comfortable in mind, comfortable in body’  in order to learn to trigger the night-mode hormone vasopressin. Sleep can be complicated by headaches, earaches, infections, reactions to food colouring or milk, anxiety about a new school, divorce, a grandparent passing, the birth of a new sibling… then the deep sleep becomes a habit.

DryKids in-home parent coaching: 4 steps in 4 weeks to dry


Todays Parent Magazine

Article Sept. 1, 2016

“When your kid wakes up with wet sheets, it can leave him feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, and leave you sleepless, stressed and buried in laundry. Many parents try restricting water or waking their kids during the night, but the problem only persists and the whole family becomes more sleep-deprived. We called in the experts – Dr. Lane Robson, and DryKids Coach Peter Grise – to teach us their simple but not-so-obvious bed wetting solutions….    Read More..


enuresis solutions chart

Three weeks to dry: Liam’s chart

3 affordable, effective enuresis (bed wetting) solutions:

  • Age 3 to 6,  easy to fix!  See our ebook
  • Age 6 to adult in Ontario, in-home DryKids   Training with a money-back guarantee
  • Outside of Ontario, across Canada and the U.S. see our Long Distance Coaching

In some cases a few simple suggestions can make a big difference, so don’t hesitate to call me. I’m always happy to help a child. No child should have to suffer from bed wetting if the cause is obvious and easily changed   …   Coach Peter

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