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“Helping a child to overcome bed wetting is one of the most rewarding things that one can do as a parent.”       …. Dr. Howard Bennett, in “Waking Up Dry”

Bed wetting takes a toll on a child’s self esteem, the quality of their sleep and even their performance in school. It affects one in ten children age 4 to 14.. and it shouldn’t happen in the first place. There are simple bed wetting solutions for age 3 to 6, but for older children an in-home training session is the fast and easy fix.

Forget everything you’ve heard!
You’ve heard it from friends, family, even Dr. Oz.. and you know that the things that work for some children –  “restrict water”, “wake him up”, or “she will outgrow it”, “there’s a drug for that”   – simply don’t work for others. This is because one out of five children have ‘complicated enuresis’, which is bed wetting with multiple causes. The way to end complicated bed wetting is to identify the causes and train the child with new habits.

Todays Parent Magazine

Article Sept. 1, 2016

“When your kid wakes up with wet sheets, it can leave him feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, and leave you sleepless, stressed and buried in laundry. Many parents try restricting water or waking their kids during the night, but the problem only persists and the whole family becomes more sleep-deprived. We called in the experts to teach us their simple but not-so-obvious strategies to eliminate bedwetting….    Read More..

Bed wetting at age 6, easy to fix.  Age 7, 10, 14, a little more complicated.

The bed wetting solution that works for one, may not be right for another.  If your child is under age 6, the simple remedies in our Youtube video  “Age 3 to 6, Ditch the Diapers” are all that you’ll need, however older children need a little more help.

The best bed wetting solution is ‘drybed training’

The best bed wetting solutions have been used for decades in hospital clinics, and by consulting therapists. We apply both methods – the medical aspect from the “Try for Dry” program of Chicago Memorial, and practical techniques from “enuresis consultants” –  in a parent-coaching program right in your home, or by phone and web anywhere in Canada & U.S.  Elimination diets, bladder toning, guided imagery, hydration, and  motivation are used to determine and eliminate the causes, then re-establish more healthy sleep.


badge, sweetmama

Chatelaine’s online “SweetMama”, May 2012:
“The sweetest things about having an older child: independence, full school days, wonderful conversations. Not so sweet? Bedwetting. Instead of agonizing about laundry and self esteem issues, we reached out to Peter Grise at Dry Kids Ontario. After a free and generous phone consultation, we opted to have Grise come to our home to assess the situation. Grise swiftly identifies behaviour and environmental snafus…    Read More…


Bed wetting alarms

Coach Peter Grise

You don’t have to wait for your child to “outgrow it”. Perhaps the most important aspect of Coaching is ongoing advice and support for both parent and child. We teach ‘drybed training’ right in your home, where the child is most comfortable, and follow up with constant help by phone and ‘web, until it’s completely fixed. It’s completely natural, no drugs are involved, just changes in food, bed time habits, motivation, and education.

Not in Ontario? We can still help with phone Coaching in Canada and the U.S. We have coached families from B.C. to Halifax, from Arizona to Kuwait. If you really want to be sure of fixing the bed wetting, a multifaceted bed wetting solution  is far more likely to succeed than do-it-yourself remedies.



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