Myths that prolong rather than end bed wetting:


“My bed wetter is a boy, he wears pull-ups, he even wets through the pull-ups, and he’s almost impossible to wake. I’ve tried waking, restricting water, and I don’t want to use drugs. What can I do?”

These things actually may work for 4 out of 5 children, but can make it worse for kids with “complicated enuresis”… multiple causes. For these kids, the real experts recommend counter-intuitive remedies, like gulping water before bed. It doesn’t usually work to try one remedy at a time; it’s best to work on all the causes simultaneously to get a quick and complete end to the bed wetting.

Common Causes of bed wetting:

  • Deep sleep caused by discomfort either physical or emotional such as….
  • Emotional stress – moving, new baby in the house, divorce..
  • Constipation- over 60% of bedwetters show signs
  • Food sensitivities – colouring, milk, wheat
  • Small bladder – often caused by ‘holding’
  • Nervous bladder – poor muscle tone

Listen to happy clients:

When someone wets at night, the problem is usually deep sleep that began at age 3 or 4 as a reaction to an irritation of some kind, perhaps earaches, food sensitivities, or even the stress of a new baby sister. After a while this sleep pattern becomes a habit and at age 5 or 6 the child worries about sleepovers, teasing, being discovered.. adding more anxiety that makes it even worse. After age 5 or 6 you may need expert help.

BEST bed wetting solutions at age 3, 4, 5:
  • Never restrict water!  This prolongs bed wetting
  • Avoid milk and fruit one hour before bed
  • Ditch the pull-ups
  • Praise success, don’t react to failure
Solutions at age 6 to adult:

Fortunately the best bed wetting solutions are more “supernanny” than medical, and have used for decades in hospital clinics and consulting agencies.Our DryKids method combines the best of the medical method – the Try for Dry program as taught by Chicago Memorial – with the practical techniques used by experienced sleep therapists.

Drybed training really works.

We apply both methods in a parent-coaching program that you learn right in your home, or by phone and web anywhere in Canada & U.S.  Elimination diets, bladder toning, guided imagery, hydration, and  motivation are used to determine and eliminate the causes, then re-establish more healthy sleep.

Not in Ontario? We can still help with phone Coaching in Canada and the U.S.

You don’t have to wait for your child to “outgrow it”. Perhaps the most important aspect of Coaching is ongoing advice and support for both parent and child. We teach ‘drybed training’ right in your home, where the child is most comfortable.. It’s completely natural, no drugs are involved, just changes in food, bed time habits, motivation, and education.

Our Mom’s say, “it’s fast, fun and easy”..


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